HDG Services is located in Waddinxveen, the Netherlands and is being managed by Leander van Bellen, member of the Dutch institute of registered surveyors (NIVRE). Together with his various colleagues, he takes care of quality inspections and surveys on incoming, stored and outgoing perishable products. 

QC inspections include: 

  • Checking of the container settings and the stowage of the pallets 

  • Taking pulp temperatures in different locations 

  • Taking a representative sample 

  • Noting down grower codes, sizes, pack dates, flesh pressures, maturity, colour, brix levels, bruises, skin defects, decay, visible residues, etc. 

  • Assigning quality scores 

  • Indicating the storage potential 

  • Reporting in a timely manner, including detailed photographs 

  • Specialized web-based tool for report sharing

Surveys include:


  • Making sure a claim notification is issued 

  • Organizing a joint survey 

  • Evaluating the nature, extent and cause of damage 

  • Supervising the claim process 

  • Collecting all relevant documentation 

  • Protecting your and cargo-underwriters’ rights 

  • Issuing professional and official reports